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February 1999

Submitted 02/28
This is Bunita, submitted by Ed, whereabouts unknown.

Lookin' good Bunita - Blamo likes them boots...

Submitted 02/27
These photos of Pammie were submitted by Overdrive.

Pammie likes to swing (as you can see).

Submitted 02/25
Liz, submitted by her husband.

Liz seems to be a bit shy...but she still made the grade.

Submitted 02/25
This is SoniaPinKushion, due to her love of piercings.

Her fantasy is to be tied up and shaved by dogs.
Please MAIL her so she'll stop e-mailing me.

Submitted 02/22
This is Dann's ex-wife Vicki from Litchfield, CT.

He's really pissed and wants everyone to see her in action.

Submitted 02/13
This is someone's wife Sumika.

Sumika comes all the way from Japan, and cooks in the nude.

Submitted 02/10
Jackie, someone's ex-bitch who did him wrong.

Jackie sure does look happy though...

Submitted 02/09
Remember "Marsha" from January?

Just want to let everyone know how her shaving turned out.

Submitted 02/07
This is Sharon from who knows?

Sharon even wants here e-mail posted here

Submitted 02/01
This is Barbie contributed by anonymous.

Is she a natural blond?

Submitted 02/01
This is Mercedes contributed by her husband.

What camerawork.

January 1999
December 1998

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