Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me
This page is chock full of grainy pictures illustrating a bunch of
people stuffing their faces into other people's crotches.

We Love To 69 Each Other I'm waiting to 69 you.....
I love big black women Lick my asshole you gray haired stud! Mmmmm....tasty
Keep it up & I may have to take off my hat Lick my clit LoverBoy Tastes just like chicken!
Let me see how far I can get my tongue in here I think you need to shave down here a little more often Eat my ass grandpa!
Tatoo Boy like the blonde snatch Did you just fart? Lick my balls real good!!!!
More 69 Sex Pics?

Who the hell are these people and why should they care that they
are part of Zippy & Blamo's Adult Web Circus?
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